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ATB Financial 2015-16 Business Highlights

The short story is that this was a trying year for Albertans.
The long story is more complicated.
It's a story of resilience.

Dave Mowat


Times like these test the strength and perseverance of Albertans. Like so many of our customers, ATB has had to adjust to a new economic reality this year.

The good news for this year is that we actually did more business than we did in 2015, and 2015 was the best year in ATB’s history. We did more loans to individuals and businesses, collected more deposits, and attracted close to 27,000 new customers. Our customers were more satisfied with ATB’s services than ever and the engagement of team members reached record levels, putting us in an elite league with some of the best companies in North America. In spite of the relentless negative news about market conditions, our talented team of financial advisors was able to retain our investors’ confidence and encourage them to take the long-term view.

Unfortunately, the good news is dampened by a dramatic increase in loan loss provisions—a direct result of the downturn in Alberta’s economy. Those provisions, while not actual losses, certainly overshadow what would otherwise have been another very good year.

In spite of the headwinds we’re facing, we’re sticking with the long-term view and following through with the strategy we launched last year. Our Story, introduced in March 2015, challenges us to transform banking and make banking work for people. Ten statements that we call the “ATBs” set the tone for how we expect to deal with customers and each other and drive a culture that’s second to none. Priority work is under way to streamline processes, introduce new payment channels, and give our team members the tools they need to serve customers better than ever.

Looking ahead, we’ll be even more intently focused on listening to our customers and delivering the kind of experience they want, including doing things other banks wouldn’t do. Alberta is known for its entrepreneurial spirit, and we’re determined to become the best in the business at meeting its unique needs. We’ll grow and diversify our business to match and support a changing Alberta economy. And we’ll take bold steps to reimagine banking in new and innovative ways that put the customer at the heart of everything we do.

To say it’s been a challenging year in Alberta is an understatement. But even though our year-end results are certainly not what we’d like them to be, we’re proud of the fact that ATB did what we always do when the province is tested—we stick by our customers, give them sound advice, and help them through the most difficult times. We’ll continue to do just that, and we’re confident that Alberta will weather this storm and build an even stronger future.


Dave Mowat | President and CEO

Dave Mowat
President and CEO




($ in billions)
  • 2016$30.9
  • 2015$30.6
  • 2014$27.3
  • 2013$23.7
  • 2012$22.2
Net loans
($ in billions)
  • 2016$40.4
  • 2015$37.7
  • 2014$33.9
  • 2013$29.7
  • 2012$26.7
Income before LLPs1
($ in thousands)
  • 2016$453,449
  • 2015$414,784
  • 2014$323,372
  • 2013$267,331
  • 2012$207,646
Net income
($ in thousands)
  • 2016$108,130
  • 2015$328,681
  • 2014$276,409
  • 2013$241,300
  • 2012$195,108
Efficiency ratio2

  • 201665.6%
  • 201565.6%
  • 201470.3%
  • 201370.7%
  • 201275.3%
Net interest spread

  • 20162.54%
  • 20152.67%
  • 20142.85%
  • 20132.85%
  • 20122.80%
Operating leverage3
  • 6.7%
  •   0.6%
  • 7.1%
  • –6.3%
New Alberta customers
  • 201626,698
  • 201533,775
  • 201421,467
Revenue earned by AOE4

35% Retail Financial Services

23% Business and Agriculture

25% Corporate Financial Services

10% Investor Services

7% Strategic Service Units




Deeper Dive Statistics for the year ended March 31


1 Income before loan loss provisions (LLPs) is calculated as the difference between total operating revenue less income from asset-backed commercial paper and non-interest expenses.

2 Efficiency ratio is calculated by dividing non-interest expenses for the year by total operating revenue for the year. It measures how much it costs us to generate $1 of revenue. So for every $1 of revenue we earned in 2015–16, it cost us 65.6 cents to earn it.

3 Operating leverage is calculated as the difference between operating revenue growth and operating expense growth.

4 Refers to “area of expertise.”

5 Strategic service units are business units of a corporate nature, such as investment, risk management, asset/liability management, and treasury operations.

6 Calculated in accordance with the Alberta Superintendent of Financial Institutions (ASFI) capital requirements guidelines.

7 Number of team members includes casual and commissioned.




By working together, ATB:

  • Achieved a corporate-wide customer advocacy score8 of 58, our highest ever
  • Reached 87% team member engagement,9 our best ever
  • Welcomed 26,698 new Alberta customers
  • Earned $453.4 million—our highest income ever—before loan loss provisions
  • Grew our total assets by $3.7 billion to $46.8 billion
  • Increased our operating revenue by 5.8% to $1.5 billion
  • Maintained a 65.6% efficiency ratio
  • Opened the Calgary Eighth Avenue Place branch and a new agency in Penhold
  • Was ranked 4th of Canada’s Top 50 Best Workplaces by the Great Place to Work Institute
  • Won a Canadian Society of Corporate Secretaries award for best board practices in strategic planning, oversight, and value creation
  • Donated $3.7 million to charities, spent $6.1 million on community-focused sponsorships, and fundraised $1.6 million through corporate social responsibility initiatives


8 The customer advocacy index (CAI) is ATB’s standard metric, based on surveys conducted by NRG Research Group on ATB’s behalf, for measuring a customer’s willingness to continue to bank with ATB and to recommend ATB to others, allowing us to benchmark ourselves against other financial institutions in Alberta. Possible scores range from –20 to 90.

9 Team member engagement scores are measured by Aon Hewitt.



Looking ahead, we’ll be even more intently focused on listening to our customers.



Retail Financial Services

  • Improved our team member engagement score to 88%
  • Reached a customer advocacy score of 52, our highest ever
  • Scored 761 in J.D. Power’s 2015 Canadian Retail Banking Customer Satisfaction Study,10 ranking ATB third overall among mid-sized financial institutions in Canada
  • Increased our Alberta consumer market share to 14.4%
  • Achieved operating revenue of $541.7 million, an increase of 7.6% over last year
  • Grew our deposit market share significantly, to 9.2%
  • Reached $1.6 billion in funds administered through Alberta Private Client

Business and Agriculture

  • Recorded our highest team member engagement score ever: 92%
  • Maintained a customer advocacy score of 57, our best ever
  • Launched ATB Capital, our “blue-collar private-equity” offering for small and medium enterprises
  • Launched Alberta BoostR, making ATB the only financial institution in Alberta to provide a crowdfunding platform for Alberta businesses
  • Approved 14,742 loans—$698 million more than last year—to Alberta businesses, farmers, and ranchers, making this one of our best years ever for supporting entrepreneurs

Corporate Financial Services

  • Achieved a team member engagement score of 77%, a 5% increase over last year
  • Reached a record score for customer advocacy, rating ATB #1 compared to the Big 5 industry average for commercial and corporate banking
  • Introduced the Engaged Client Model to deepen relationships, make greater connections, and improve “need spotting” to consistently deliver a wow client experience
  • Launched the Project Finance group to provide advice and financing on key Alberta projects including power, infrastructure, and renewable energy
  • Re-established the Turnaround Assistance Group to work with clients who are having difficulties

Investor Services

  • Held our team member engagement score at 90%
  • Achieved a customer advocacy score that’s 11 points higher than the highest-scoring Big 5 bank in Alberta for investment services
  • Grew assets under administration by $1 billion, to $14.7 billion
  • Reached over $10 billion in assets under administration via ATB Investor Services’ own Compass Portfolios
  • Received FundGrade A+ awards from Fundata Canada Inc. for five Compass Portfolios11 for the fourth consecutive year
  • Launched Group Investment Services’ offering to Alberta businesses
  • Launched a donor-advised fund with the ATB Investor Services Foundation and Cidel Trust Company


10 The Canadian Retail Banking Customer Satisfaction Study is based on responses from more than 14,000 customers who use a primary financial institution for personal banking. The study includes the largest financial institutions in Canada and was fielded from April 2015 through May 2015.

11 Funds recognized included Balanced Growth, Balanced, Conservative Balanced, Conservative, and Maximum Growth.



In short,
we’ll take the long view.

ATB Financial Long Story Short 2015-16 Business Highlights
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