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There’s nothing old fashioned about farming these days.

GPS enabled equipment. Environmental sustainability. Blockchain. Today’s agribusiness is an integrated, sophisticated industry on the cutting edge of technology. The needs of Alberta’s producers and processors are changing, and that excites us—because ag is as much our future as it is our past.

Let's talk ag

The more we know about your operation, the better we can help you grow in the right direction.

Real time exchange rates

Canada’s largest honey packer completes up to $10 million in business a year with global suppliers. We set them up on ATB’s FX platform, allowing them to take advantage of real time rates, execute trades themselves and better manage their costs—on their own schedule.

Modified loan products

A third generation producer needed a multi-year disbursement schedule to execute a land purchase as part of a succession plan, at the vendor's request. We modified our Farmland Financing loan to accommodate the specific needs of this operation, and disburse the loan over a five-year period.

New margin operating lines

A major challenge for grain operations is accessing working capital over the growing season, when inventory is at its lowest levels and investment in the new crop is in the ground. We modified the way we margin operating lines for grain farms to take the headache away and ensure operators have cash available to make production decisions when they need to.

No one understands the business of agriculture quite like we do.

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Products for growing operations

Bank and borrow for whatever crops up.

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Loans and financing for new ventures

Good2Grow is designed to help emerging farmers and ranchers declare their independence.

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Long Love This Land

Our love letter to Alberta's farmers.

Meet the ACE team

Our Agricultural Centre of Expertise team understands your business.

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