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What makes Good2Grow so different?

The program has been designed by agriculture producers for agriculture producers.


Good2Grow focuses on quickly and simply providing the financing needed to enter or grow agriculture operations. It provides funding in a variety of ways, listed below.

But Good2Grow is about more than just capital. It offers other things emerging farmers need. Advice from local and global financial experts, people with a deep knowledge and understanding of agriculture. Indeed, each successful applicant will have access to agricultural relationship managers as well as a member of ATB's agriculture centre of expertise (ACE) team. ?


Which option is right for you?



G2G Operating Loan

Operating loan option

Whether renting or owning land, or for the cost of running your cow herd, access to a line of credit is essential. That's why the Good2Grow program offers an operating loan that isn't based on your inventory or requires hard assets for security. The full authorization level is there whenever you need it. It is a more efficient and cost effective way to cover your day to day costs versus using supplier credit. An operating loan under the Good2Grow program enables you to cover your expenses until your product is sold.

  • For cropping operating up to $175/acre
  • For cattle operations up to $500 per cow or heifer
  • Maximum is $100,000
  • For needs of $50,000 or less, the convenient Alberta Agri-Industry BusinessCard? may be used instead.

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Equipment Loan

Term loan option

As you begin farming or begin to grow your operation, having the right sized, and up to date equipment is critical. We know that coming up with the down payment in the early or expanding years of farming isn't easy, that's why the Good2Grow equipment loan offers up to 100% financing with a maximum amortization period plus age of 7 years and $100,000. If you need more financing, no problem. Higher loan amounts are available but the first $100,000 still doesn't require a down payment. With a lower down payment you can use those funds to continue to grow your operation in other areas.

  • Finance total purchase up to $100,000
  • Maximum amortization up to 7 years

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Farmland Financing

Term loan option

For those producers who are purchasing land, ATB also offers the unparalleled farmland financing loan. This loan is available for any size land purchase with some key features that assist the generational transfer of an agriculture operation.

  • Ability to use gift equity instead of a down payment
  • If you are making a down payment you only need 20%, which can be cash or other security
  • Up to a 35 year ammortization
  • Interest only payment option available
  • Lower down payment versus regular financing
  • Streamlined process through ATB or our partners

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Expertise and Advice

ATB Financial has a wealth of expertise and knowledge to share. Learn about business solutions, and get advice from our experts and partners.


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Get started with Good2Grow

Get started with Good2Grow

Ready to put your stake in the ground?



Farming has never been an easy way to make a living.

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