Changzhou Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987,It is a high-tech enterprise specialized in design, research, manufacturing and sales of a full range of aluminum electrolytic capacitor products. Huawei Electronics has entered the top 100 enterprise electronic components in China for consecutive years since 2003.

        The company has honored titles, such as?”Changzhou Mayor Quality Award”,?"Changzhou Advanced Unit for Quality Management", "District Leader Quality Award" and "National Quality Leader in Capacitor Industry ".Trademarks and products were awarded "Jiangsu Famous Brand" and "Jiangsu Famous Brand Product"

        Huawei Electronics has established a global sales service network, with multiple domestic offices and foreign sales branches. Our products are exported to Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India, Turkey, the United States, Russia, Germany, Brazil and other countries. We have established a good reputation and brand among customers, and become a strategic partner and excellent supplier for many customers.

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        Huawei Electronics is dedicated to provide you with capacitor application solutions

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        Widely applied in consumer electronics, industrial automation, communications, automotive electronics, new energy, instrument, security, lighting and other fields.

        Changzhou Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd.

        Providing with a full range of aluminum electrolytic capacitors
        Products meet RoHS, REACH, HF

        Huawei?Electronics,as the only domestic supplier of a full range of aluminum electrolytic capacitors, produces a total of more than 100 series including six types: Lead, SMD, Snap-in, Screw, Solid, and Hybrid. Huawei Electronics promises to provide services and products that can help create a safe and healthy environment and minimize the impact of its own operations on the environment with the standards of great capacitor companies.

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        Changzhou Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd.

        Based on the global electronics industry, Huawei provides capacitor energy storage solutions and services


        +86 0519-69896666

        Address:300 Shiqiao, Zouqu Town, Zhonglou District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province

        Phone :+86 0519-69896666

        Fax:+86 0519-83637987


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