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MyPic Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is ATB Financial’s MyPic?

  • MyPic is a way to add a little personality to your wallet by customizing the look of your ATB MasterCard. We’ve created a gallery with over 80 images for you to choose from.

How can I get one?

  • If you already have an ATB MasterCard, start by confirming that your card type is eligible for MyPic, then head to the image gallery to choose your picture. Once you’ve selected the image you want, remember the 4-digit code in the bottom left-hand corner and call us at 1-877-541-4452 to place your order.

    If you don’t have an ATB MasterCard yet, look over our selection of cards and find the MasterCard that suits you best. Then check out the MyPic image gallery to choose the picture you want on your card. Once you’ve selected your image, remember the 4-digit code in the bottom left-hand corner and call us at 1-888-282-5678 to apply for your new ATB MasterCard and add a MyPic Image.

    You can apply online as well. You'll need that same 4-digit code to get the image you want.

    One other option is to come and see us in person at any ATB Financial branch.

Can I use my own picture?

  • Not yet. We’re still working out the system, but you can help us with this by starting with an ATB MyPic for your MasterCard. Stay tuned for more details.

Will I have to pay the $15 fee?

  • For a limited time, every customer gets their first MyPic image for free. After the first image, a $15 fee per card will be charged any time the image is changed by the cardholder before the expiry date.

    We’ve done our very best to provide this unique feature at the lowest possible cost. New or existing cardholders at the time of card acquisition will not have to pay the $15 fee or card renewal if a MyPic image is selected or changed.?

    To change your MyPic before your card expires, you must contact us two full months in advance. For example, if your card expires in June, you must contact us by the last day of April to be eligible to receive the new image for free. Sorry—there are no exceptions.

If I order an ATB MyPic before my current card expires, will my current expiry date change?

  • No. Your new MyPic card will still have the same expiry date as your previous card.

Will this card have the same features and benefits as my current card?

  • Absolutely! Nothing about your card will change except for the image. You’ll still enjoy the same great features and benefits—just with a picture that better reflects your personality.

How will I be charged the $15?

  • The $15 charge will be applied to your ATB MasterCard statement.

How long will it take to get my new card?

  • Your new MasterCard will arrive in 7-10 business days.

What if my card comes and I don’t like the image I have chosen?

  • No problem! You are welcome to change it. You just have to pay the $15 fee per card.

What cards are eligible for MyPic?

Is MyPic available for Business MasterCards?

  • Not yet, but stay tuned!

If my MyPic card needs to be replaced because it is lost or stolen, will the replacement card come with the MyPic image or a standard image?

  • All replacement cards will come with the picture you previously had. This includes all MyPic and re-issue cards.



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