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Interac e-Transfer Request Money and Autodeposit

“Remember that $215 from 2 months ago ...”

Did you buy concert tickets for all your friends? With Request Money, friends and family who owe you money will receive an email they can respond to immediately via Interac e-Transfer. (And they’ll receive request reminders if they forget.)

“What is the name of your great uncle’s second cousin’s third dog?”

Autodeposit links your email address to your ATB account, so all transfers sent to that address will be deposited automatically and securely into that account—no questions asked.

Request Money and Autodeposit are ready for you to use. Simply sign into ATB Online or ATB’s Mobile app and select the Interac e-Transfer tab to get started today!

Videos to help you learn more.

All Financial Institutions offering Request Money and Autodeposit

For a complete and up-to-date list please visit the Interac? website.


Each Request Money you send will be $1.50.

Autodeposit is always free to use.

Request Money and Auto Deposit

FAQS - Autodeposit


I have registered for the Autodeposit feature. How will I know when I have received money?

Each time you receive funds through the Autodeposit feature, an email is sent to you with the sender’s name, the amount deposited, and any message the sender included.

How quickly will I receive the money with the Autodeposit feature?

Money being sent to a recipient registered for Autodeposit will take the same time as a regular INTERAC e-Transfer transaction. Most transfers will be sent in near real-time, but there could be up to a 30 minute fraud delay based on the amount of the transfer, and if you have no history of receiving money to that sender before. Once the INTERAC e-Transfer notification arrives, you will have instant access to the money.

Why do I still have to answer the Security Question, after registering for the Autodeposit feature?

In order for the Autodeposit feature to work, both the sender’s Financial Institution and the receiver’s Financial Institution must be capable of handling the transfer. If the sender’s Financial Institutions hasn’t upgraded, you will still be required to manually answer the Security question.

How much does this cost?

FREE! There is no charge to use the INTERAC e-Transfers Autodeposit service at ATB Financial.

How can I change the email address or deactivate my Autodeposit registration?

To update the email address for an Autodeposit registration, login to ATB Online or the ATB Mobile app and navigate to the INTERAC e-Transfer Autodeposit tab and choose to edit or delete the rule.

I did not receive the Autodeposit registration verification email. What do I do?

If you have not received the Autodeposit verification email from INTERAC, first check your junk email folder. If you still can't find the notification, check that you have entered the email correctly in the rule, by logging back into ATB Online or the ATB Mobile app.

FAQS - Request Money


What is Request Money?

Request Money is a feature within the INTERAC e-Transfer service where money can be requested from anyone in Canada within the security of your online banking or mobile banking application. Money is requested using an email and when the request is fulfilled, the Requestor is provided with a notification once the funds are available in their account. Click here for a list of participating financial institutions . To learn more about the Request Money feature, click here .

How much can I request using Interac e-Transfer Request Money?

You can send money requests between $10 and $3000 per transaction.

How many outstanding requests can I have at once?

You can have up to 250 outstanding requests at a time.

How long before a request for money expires?

Once sent, INTERAC e-Transfer Request Money transactions are available for payment for 30 days. Interac will send an email reminder to the recipient automatically after 7 days and you also have the option to send up to 5 manual reminders to request payment within the 30 day time period.

Can customers send a request for money to multiple people in one request?

No, just like when sending a regular INTERAC e-Transfer, INTERAC e-Transfer Request Money transactions must be sent individually to recipients.

*Interac and Interac e-Transfer are registered trade-marks of Interac Inc. Used under licence.?

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