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ATB TrackIt

ATB TrackIt

?Need help using TrackIt?

The user guide is available in ATB Online or check out our FAQs

When it comes to money there’s a lot to balance—your needs and wants, spending and saving, what you have now and what you’ll need later.

ATB Online banking is now enhanced with ATB TrackIt?—a new, free online and mobile money management tool. Available now exclusively to ATB customers, it allows you to easily see your balances and spending from North American bank accounts, credit cards, gift cards, investment accounts, and more.

See all your accounts?

See all your accounts.

We get that all your money, investments, and credit cards aren’t with one bank. With ATB TrackIt, you can pull account balances from over 10,000 banks and retailers across North America—including BMO, Scotiabank, RBC, CIBC, TD, Starbucks, Home Depot, Best Buy, Hudson’s Bay, PayPal, and many US banks—just to name a few.

Track your spending.

ATB TrackIt’s spending wheel puts your transactions into categories and sub categories to give you as much or as little detail as you want. Now you’ll be able to see how much of your food and dining spending goes to groceries, restaurants, or fast food.

See and track where you’re spending.?

Instantly create a budget.?

Instantly create a budget.

TrackIt’s unique bubble budget design makes budgeting a snap.?To start, you can have it automatically generate a budget based on your past spending. Then you can fine tune it, track it, and see at a glance how well you’re sticking to your plan (and whether you can splurge on those new jeans). You can also receive alerts when you’ve exceeded or are coming close to limits you’ve set.

Set goals. Achieve goals.

Whether you want to save for a car, a wedding, or a new home, TrackIt will calculate how quickly it will happen, and even let you know if you have extra money to achieve your goals faster. You could be zooming around in your new wheels sooner than you thought.

Set goals. Achieve goals.?

See how you’re trending.?

See how you’re trending.

Hashtags aren’t the only things that will be trending. With ATB TrackIt you will be able to see how your spending is trending over a 6-month period. Want to see if you’re spending more than you make? Check the green income line. #showmethemoney!

Tackle your debt.

Turn your fears into cheers as you pay down your debt. TrackIt prioritizes your payments, showing you which bills to pay off first, and illustrating the impact of applying any extra cash to your debt.? How long until you're debt free?? TrackIt can tell you and offer ideas to get there faster.

Tackle your debt.?

Know how much you’re worth.?

Know how much you’re worth.

Financial experts always advise knowing your net worth—the value of your assets (savings and property) minus your liabilities, like your debts. One quick check will tell you whether you’re in the black (more assets than liabilities) or in the red (the other way around). With ATB TrackIt you can get a pulse on your finances any time.

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