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Investing & Savings Calculators

Investing & Savings Calculators

The following are helpful tools in identifying your investment and retirement needs as well as to form potential investment strategies.

Investment and Savings Calculators

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RRSP Calculator
By identifying future income needs and the amount you intend to save until retirement, the RRSP Calculator can help you identify any potential shortfall and create a savings plan to help you achieve your financial goal. The RRSP Calculator allows you to personalize the scenario by accounting for a variety of factors such as inflation, rate of return on your investment, and indexing.

RRSP Illustrator
By providing a few details about your future investing plans, the RRSP Illustrator can help illustrate the advantages of tax sheltered growth of a registered plan (RRSP) compared to the taxable growth of a non-registered plan. By investing the tax refund received on RRSP contributions, an investor can take further advantage of the savings and growth potential that comes with investing in an RRSP. The RRSP Illustrator allows you to personalize your scenario by accounting for a variety of factors such as contribution amount, frequency, rate of return on your investment, and your marginal tax rate.

Registered vs. Non-Registered Comparison
This tool compares the benefits of an RRSP savings program against a non-registered program. By comparing two identical investments with the only difference being that one is registered and the other is not, you can see the difference a RSP truly makes when it comes time to retire.

RRSP Loan Planner
The RSP Loan Planner helps illustrate two common scenarios:

  • Maximizing your contribution with an RRSP Loan.
  • Utilizing an RSP Loan for this year’s contribution and begin contributing with your own money next year.

Advantage of Early Investing

The Advantage of Early Investing tool is designed to show you how you can take advantage of the power of compounding to achieve personal retirement goals. Virtually every guide to personal investing will tell you that the best way of meeting your savings goals is to start early, invest on a regular basis, and stay invested. Investing earlier on in life and taking advantage of compounding investment returns can produce better results than investing later in life and with more money.

Investment and Regular Deposit
This tool is designed to illustrate the effect of a regular deposit as part of a periodic savings program. By providing a few details about your investment plan, the Investment and Regular Deposits calculator illustrates the total growth of your deposits.

TFSA vs. Regular Savings Account Calculator
This calculator compares the after-tax return of a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) with the after-tax return of a non-registered account.

Investment and Regular Withdrawal (Investment and Savings)
This tool is designed to illustrate the regular income stream that could be produced from a non-registered investment. By providing a few details about your investment plan, the Investment and Regular Withdrawals calculator illustrates the depletion of assets through a regular withdrawal program, while taking into account the growth of the assets over time.

RESP Calculator
This tool is designed to help you identify the cost of your children’s post-secondary education and develop a savings plan to cover those costs. The tool allows you to build a plan for up to four children and takes into account the varying tuition and living costs from province to province.

Savings Planner
The Savings Planner helps determine a savings plan to achieve specific financial goals based on cost, time and savings growth.?????????????????????

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